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Gastreatment Services (GtS: is an engineering firm engaged in gas treatment in the broadest sense of the word. GtS specializes in the design and realization of gastreatment systems for biogas, landfill gas and digester gas. GtS has developed unique purification systems for the treatment of landfill gas, digester gas and biogas. In the past years GtS developed into an international renowned company in the field of desulphurization, removal of siloxanes and the production of biogas. For the project Quarterback GtS delivers the gastreatment plant. GtS is also active in another Life-projdect: LifeBioGrid in Spain. The produced biomethane is used in this project in two ways:

• It is injected into the natural gas grid .

• It is supplied as an alternative fuel to a CNG filling station

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MWM is one of the world's leading brands in the market segment of highly efficient, eco-friendly cogeneration plants for decentralized energy generation with combined heat and power (CHP).